Figuring it Out . . .

I'm the kind of blogger that has a weeks worth of posts scheduled ahead of time. When there's alot going on, and I'm on a writing kick, that number can amp itself up to two, sometimes three weeks worth of scheduled posts. Well, I'm out of scheduled posts.

That's not entirely true. I had posts that were good to go. They were posts about 'The Year of Elly', and about what its like to be single, and about some of the drama that I'm not down with thats been going on.

And I've decided that I'm not going to post them. Since breaking up with The Ex I've been pretty open about where I am at, and what I was feeling. At the time, it was more important to me to express and figure out what I was doing than it was to worry about who was reading it.

Now I think I'm going to pull back, a bit. Because what I'd planned to post was not only my personal business, but a few other peoples, too. And I'm not willing to add to drama, no matter how vague or civil the post may be.

I'm going to pull back, a bit. Because there are some people that I would prefer didn't know the details of my life. People from work, for example. Or from the bar. Or people who try read through the lines that aren't there.

I'm going to pull back, a bit. Because I think I'd like to keep some of the details of my life for me.

So, I'm not going to post those posts. And I'm going to take a week or so to take some time and figure some things out.

In the meantime, for your viewing hilarity, here is me and The Second Quarter dressed in ridiculous costumes:

I hope you have a brilliant week, and I'll see you on the flip side.