The 365 Project – April

Hurrah, I'm officially over half way through this project! April has been a mad month, absolutely mad. I joined a gym with Fiedi, and the first few weeks of that were pretty painful. I fainted in my first gym session, which wasn't at all awesome. I accidentally broke some hearts, too, and ended all my nothings. So that was a painful lesson to learn. I worked behind the bar (for what I'm pretty sure was the last time), which was brilliant (though, not the work part. The party part was awesome). I fell madly head over heels for Dub Fx, and have been thrashing his brilliance to the exclusion of all else. I've been slowly getting myself organised for possible adventures, which has been a lesson in patience and organisation. The last week wasn't so brilliant, with two funerals to attend. I was closer to those that grieve than those that passed, but still, funerals aren't particularly easy. Apart from the last week or so, things feel more stable this month. Like I've finally found my footing, and I'm not grasping for handholds, and I don't have to hold my breath anymore. It's kinda nice :)

1st of April 2010 to 30th April 2010. 207 down. 158 to go.

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