Photo Assignment: Take Three (Portraits)

This week I cheated. This week I didn't do the assignment as requested, and infact, I didn't do it at all. I pulled previously taken photos and submitted them knowing that they didn't meet the requirements. The last two weeks I approached the assignment with care, and with thought. I made the effort, and spent a fair amount of time and energy setting up the shots, selecting 3 from 130, and generally putting forward the best I could.

That was, until in the last lesson the instructor lady ripped my photos to shreds. I know, it sounds like I'm bitter because my pride has been dented. But there are seven of us in this class, and we went through five other assignments before we got to mine. Each time she offered constructive criticism, praise and general encouragement. From the moment mine were available, she had absolutely nothing good to say. I endured five minutes of humiliating criticism while she pointed out how wrong my photos were. I was hoping for perhaps a passing compliment, and then we'd move on. What I got was a detailed description of exactly what she didn't like.

It was hard, but I bit my tongue. I took what she said. And in my head I directed a stream of protests, sarcastic comments and many, many four letter words her way. I may or may not have sulked the rest of that class. I may have lost all enthusiasm for anything she has to say.

I might be slightly childish, sure. But I'm not going take all the time and effort to put something up on that screen that is going to be ripped to shreds again. This week the assignment was on portraits. She didn't cover self portraits in her lecture, and she didn't cover candid shots. So I took photos from my 365 project, selected three and put them forward.

All taken on different days, one years apart from the other two, with a different camera. Different lighting, different feel, different everything, the only thing that links them is that they are all of me, and they were all taken by me. I suspect this is me saying 'Fuck You' to the instructor lady.

I know, I'm so charming, right? I'll let you know what dressing down I get this time.