Mountain Biking

A few weeks ago, The Second Quarter and I accompanied the Foo part of Fiedi out to the Bikepark out at Woodhill. Honestly, it was amazing. There's something really brilliant about it being just you and your bike, riding through miles and miles of forest. It was gorgeous, absolutely stunning.

It was also pretty tricky. I'm not a coordinated person at the best of times, and I'd been working at the bar the night before. I was pretty shattered, and probably shouldn't have tried any of the structures. But I did. And I got many scrapes bruises for my troubles.

I think the best bit was that you are reliant on yourself, and your bike to get you through. We were out there for a while (almost three hours), and we rode just about 12 kilometres (partial map here) and settling into a rhythm with your bike was really amazing. What I found difficult was trusting my bike to get me down the giant, gnarly root steps okay. You just have stand up, lean back and let your bike go. Fucking scary, but very much worth it.

It was a brilliant, brilliant ride, and I'm super grateful to Foo for taking us out. Hopefully I'll go again soon :)