Photo Assignment: Take Two (Landscape)

This week, the assignment was landscapes. I'm not a big fan of landscapes. That is to say, I enjoy looking at other peoples shots, but I prefer taking photos with people in them. I could probably count the number of landscape shots I've willingly taken on one hand. So I really struggled with this assignment. I pretty much ignored the 'colour/pattern/rule of three' objectives, and went with 'I hope the teacher considers this landscape'. I missed all the golden hours (6.30 - 7.30, ish, morning and night) with plans or sleep which was disappointing. Instead I took my camera out with me when I went Mountain Biking at Woodhill. I took a few shots, but the light was tricky.

Anyway, here's what I submitted this week:

They are all man made structures in the forest, which I hadn't planned on till at least half way through the ride. I think it worked out okay though. I'm super grateful to the people I was riding with, who were happy to wait while I snapped some interesting shots. I also think that I rode alot better with all the breaks - it worked out good for me, because I was absolutely shattered!

I've got my fingers crossed for something with people for next week. I'll let you know how it goes!