Photography Assignment: Take One (Still Life)

In the early weeks following the break up, I decided it was a good idea to say yes to absolutely any invitation. And I mean, any invitation. Often it involved me ending up in some very very weird situations. With very weird people. Doing very very weird things. But most of the time, it produced some amazing results. So, when Fiedi invited me to take a photography class with them I jumped at the chance. I paid my fee, and then completely forgot about it.

Well, last month I attended the first the class. It's a four week course held at the Art Station, which is a community arts facility funded by the Council. It's held in an amazing old building in Ponsonby, and for serious, has so much texture that I have taken more than enough 365 photos there. The class itself is small, there's only seven of us (all girls, too!) which makes it more intimate, I spose. It's less a lecture and more that we sit in a small room and look and discuss photos thrown up on a projector, ask questions and learn from each other.

It's been pretty enlightening so far, I learnt a bunch about my camera, about the relationships between apeture, shutter speed and iso (I know, camera 101, right?) but it was good to know. We were also given an assignment on Still Life. Three photos, with a focus on colour, and pattern. Here's what I submitted:

They're of an old Austin 1100, which has been in my (extended) family for years and years and years. My sister drives it now, but previously it's been driven by my cousins, and before then my aunts. It's always been around, and I'm quite sentimental about the old car. It's a horrible drive, though. I'm glad that Sibling's driving it, and not me.

I'm hoping that this class will help me produce better photos (because right now I just point and click, and hope that I get a good shot). I'm hoping that it will change my perspective on what makes a photo, and I'm hoping that I'll understand my fancy new camera better by the end of it. I'll let you know how it goes.