Shiny New Camera Goodness

Saving, it's hard. Spending, that happens without a thought. Even if you get a cash injection into your lifestyle (like, say, a pay rise) then you absorb that money and spend more without even noticing. But going the other way? It's HAAARD. I've gone from fancy $10 Cafe lunches everyday to two minute noddles and leftovers. I've gone from that girl who will drive all over the city just because she can, to only driving where she has to to save gas. Social engagements attendence decisions are based on how much its going to cost me to go, and how much to get home again. And then I weigh up how much I want to go, with how much I want to eat the next week. I'm putting away just under half my paycheck every month. And I'm trying to figure out how I can put away more.

But after three months of this crazy, crazy saving, I splurged today. Siblings boyfriend asked for his camera back, so I did some research and I brought myself a Canon 450D. And now it seems like all the scrimping and saving was totally worth it.

It's a gorgeous gorgeous camera. I went a bit extra and got the fancy 55-250mm lens as well as the standard 18-55mm. I'm so in love! For those of you with DSLR's, what kind of camera/glass do you shoot with?