My mother has a huge family. She has six siblings, SIX. Which means that I have a multitude of cousins, and second cousins. Because there are so many of us, sadly, years can go by before we catch up and see each other. The last gathering was a few weeks ago, and oh! I got to meet so many of my little second cousins, it was brilliant. I met Riley, who is the only blonde and blue eye'd Maori that I know. He's gorgeous, and independent and he's got such a brilliant personality for a two year old Little Man who knows how to High Five! I also met Alyssa and Jordan. Two crazy high energy kids who I love to bits. I taught Alyssa to throw the peace sign and poke out her tongue whenever she saw a camera. It was super cute, and hilarious.

I talked with my cousins, who I haven't seen in forever. They're all doing such amazing things with themselves. Starting families, playing in national sport tournaments, rocking high powered jobs or attending cool sounding courses at uni. It was brilliant to see them, and chill out for a while.

It was even more brilliant to sit around the old family table in the house my grandad used to live in. It was brilliant to remember times of when he lived, still. Hearing the same old stories, but told from a different perspective. It was brilliant to play cards, just like old times. To hear my Mum and Uncle bicker and laugh at the end of each Euka round. It was brilliant to see my baby cousins grown, ready to gossip and laugh and be camera whores with me. It was brilliant to meet the new members of our clan, to see and hear them do and say the things that Sibling and I did when we were small.

Most of all, it was brilliant to feel like I was part of something as huge and rambling as our family. To know that with these people is where I belong. Where I'm loved. That I can, at any time, go to any one of them and ask for help and support and I'll have it. To know that I'll love and support them, when they need it. There is just so much love. I honestly couldn't imagine a world without them.