BFF Adventures

Liz, my bestest friend, was home a few weeks ago. Because I get to spend so little time with her (bit hard when you're not often in the same country) I took two days off work and had a four day weekend. It was pretty amazing. We did ALOT of stuff, but mostly I was struck by how much I MISSED her. How brilliant it was to have her around, to talk face to face rather than screen to screen. I'd forgotten how well we get on, how she totally understands where I'm coming from, and how she has never once judged me, or anything I've done. She will listen to me talk about this boy, and that boy, and when I expressed my fear about being a ho, she hugged me, and laughed, and said that never fear, I'd never be a ho in her eyes.

She and her husband are amazing. Two people I have all the time in the world for. It was four days of fun, of eating good food and buying cheese at The French Markets, hanging out in the sun poolside, sunbathing in the garden, driving around and making friendship bracelets and visiting her dads new office. We tried on silly dresses, and hilarous one piece swim suits. We exchanged books, and we talked, and drank and it was amazing.

I won't see her again soon. Not for a few months at least. But hopefully, hopefully, next year we'll be living in the same city again. I'll crash on her couch and we'll drink sparkling wine and eat lots of cheese and gossip and hang out and it will be amazing.

Until then, I miss her already.