Kite Surfing: The Introduction

My best friends husband learnt how to KiteSurf over the summer. And even though he was in a different country, with an ocean between us, he somehow managed to instil an interest in me. It could have been the few youtube videos he suggested I watch (which turned into me watching a few hundred). Or the enthusiasm he had when talking about, or that he said it was like wakeboarding, but better because there was no boat. Or, it could have been when he suggested that it could be transitioned from water to snow.SNOW. And oh! Oh, how much DO I WANT TO TRY IT! And I would have, already. I honestly would have, if I could have afforded to. But I'm saving, so I can adventure overseas. I'm putting a ridiculous amount of money away a month, and honestly, I was close to splurging this months allocation on a few lessons and a kit. I almost did, and it was a difficult decision to hold back and remind myself that London was the endgame.

And then he came over, and brought his kite with him. We spent a weekend anxiously checking metservice, waiting for the wind to rise enough to have a go. And then hurrah! On a Tuesday afternoon, it finally did! We drove down to the beach, and I helped the boys set up their kites, and get out in the water.

Sadly, we decided that the wind was too swift for me to try the big kites with the harness. There was also the small possibility of me taking out some of the punters with the big kite, and I was quite keen to NOT kill someone. So I didn't get a go with the big kite, but I did play around with the practice kite for a bit. I swam and sunbathed and cheered the boys on as they did their thing.

Me, playing around with the practice kite

The boys on the water

It was a brilliant afternoon, and it did nothing but make me want to get out there on a board, with a kite. It's even at number two on The List. And I'll do it, I will. Probably in Europe, or something. On a beach in Greece, or Spain. Fingers crossed, anyway

What have you found to be newly excited about?