Yellow Chocolate

The second crazy campaign The Yellow Pages did was The Taste of Yellow. That is to say that this guy named Josh was given a task: using only the businesses listed in the Yellow Pages, launch the worlds first chocolate bar that tastes of Yellow. He did it, he did. There are a whole bunch of videos you can watch to see what he did to get it done. Some of them are pretty hilarious. By the time it was launched, everyone had seen the ads and heard the story. And it was stupidly hard to get your hands on a bar or twenty. By the time I managed to find a bar, most supermarkets had sold out, and people were making a killing on trademe. It was a bit of a fiasco, really.

But, I did get my hands on a bar. A guy from the office brought two into work for everyone to try. The packaging was pretty nice. Well designed and cute.

The first think you notice is the smell. It's strong, and overpoweringly sweet. For those of us that either had kids or had worked in an ECE centre recently, it smelt a bit like playdough or plasticine. It tasted alot better than it smelt. A bit like pineapple lumps and custard and yes, a little bit like playdough. It was incredibly sweet, there was no way I'd be able to eat a whole bar.

I'd say Josh achieved his goal of making yellow chocolate taste of yellow. I think that overall it was a successful campaign, and got alot of people interested. :) Have you tried anything that's overwhelmingly quirky lately?