The 365 Project - February

Looking back, February was much better for me than January. My best friend came home for a week, and it was great to see her. I did alot of exciting new things, and definitely towards the end of the month felt like I was finally finding my feet again. Everything seemed alot less overwhelming, a lot less dramatic. It was nice to be able to breathe again. I completely failed at uploading daily this month. One day would slip by, and the next, and it became a hassle. I'm still taking the photos everyday (which has been made easier by carrying my camera with me everywhere I go!) which has been good. I suspect if that became an issue the project would wither and die. Let's hope it doens't come to that!

This was my February:

1st of February to the 28th of February. 146 down. 219 to go.

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