In Which Jumping Shots Are Tricky

I forgot to mention that I guest posted over at while the brilliant Stephanie is away in Hawaii with her gorgeous family! Go check it out, if you have a spare moment :)Snowplanet, the giant freezer filled with "snow", has had this awesome deal. For the months of January - February you can ride 6pm - 10pm for $19. NINETEEN DOLLARS! That actually blows my mind, and needless to say a bunch of us were up there as much as we could be.

And perhaps it's just that I haven't been on a board since October, or that half my reader is filled with posts about snow, but I was pretty keen to get up there (even though everyone knows that Snowplanet has the tendency to be boring after the first little while. What with the two minutes up, twenty seconds down ratio).

And the first time was pretty awesome. We hit the boxes, and bailed and threw ourselves off jumps. I taught Zes how to not fall on his face as much, and my girl JZ taught me to be a bit more brave. The second time they'd changed up the terrain a bit more, and we hit the giant jump, and tried to throw ones off the mini ramps (we're still learning this part, I can't land it clean, I'm still turning as I land). Lyth even let me 'instruct' him a little, which made me feel like I knew alot more than I thought I did. But after a while, we were just bombing it top to bottom, trying to find a way to hit the terrain in a way we hadn't already done.

And, after a while you make your own fun:

Like jumping shots with your gear in the carpark.

Sometimes going to a giant freezer can be brilliant. Other times you realise it's the people you're with that make it awesome.