The Karekare Adventure

A while ago the Sandwich + friends went out to Karekare, one of the beaches west of Auckland. It's pretty amazing out there, it's a brilliant black-sand beach surrounded by bush. We'd planned to walk around a wildlife sanctuary, but alas! At the time we'd brought our dogs, and there were no dogs allowed. Instead:

Don't be confused by the perspective. That's one giant, fuck-off mountain. That mostly, all the way up was just a trail. No fences, no path, no man-made handholds or safety features. Alot of it required scrambling up with your hands. Holding onto branches as you went. Alot of it required climbing that was too big for Quinns little legs, so I carried him up.

And at the top? It was pretty high. There was no platform, or anything. So we all crowded close to the rockface and stayed away from the edges of the cliff.

It was really gorgeous, had an amazing view. It was also incredibly scary being so high up, and so, so close to the edge of a ridiculously high drop.

Still, it was definitely an adventure. :) What exciting adventures have you been a part of recently?