Other Peoples Work Places

Because the Third and Fourth Quarters work together, its not uncommon for me to meet at their work before moving on to dinner or wherever else. But occasionally, they'll be working late and I'll be left to roam their offices while I wait for them to finish. Usually it's not so bad, their office is filled with all sorts of geek toys you'd expect from a fun software/design company. I rocked out on their guitar for a while, attempted to juggle with juggling balls, played hackey. Considered exploring the xbox/ps consoles they had. But after a while it was more fun to lei the boys as they worked.

And then I used up the Christmas paper by wrapping up objects taken from their desk as Christmas gifts for people who weren't back from holiday yet.

That backfired a bit, because while I was messing around being stupid Santa wrapped up my L&P.

He spelt my name wrong, too. After a while entertaining myself became old. So I helped the Third Quarter and did real work.

Making mischief is always so much more fun at other peoples work places!