Technology + Friends = Virtual Zoo Trips

Last Friday was gorgeous. Like, actually. Blue skies, lots of sun, warm breeze. It was the kind of day I was ridiculously sad that I had to work. I work in air conditioned office, and it just seems SO UNFAIR that the day was that gorgeous and I couldn't be out there enjoying it. I've got this friend, Zes, who didn't go back to work till today, and on his last free weekday he did a Zoo trip. Talk about JEALOUS! One thing I love about my friends though, is that they make the effort and are awesome. Zes sent updates as he meandered through the zoo, sending me txts and pxts as he went.

First up, Zebra's. I requested Rhinos next, with an antedote about how I went on a Zoom tour and pet a Rhino. Sure enough, I got a pxt of a Rhino with a cute comment about how there was a kid calling it a rhino-saurus.

There were txts about the lazy cheetah's, and the kiwi that hunted right by the glass and all sorts of cool stuff. Just like being there. Virtual tours from my desk. I'm very much in <3 with friends who make my work day go a little bit faster. :)