New Years 2010

I guess I should post about New Years, considering I've already posted those videos (Tangent - hurrah! My camera is getting repaired. It's going to cost a pretty penny, but I don't mind so much. I'd rather have the camera than the money). So yes, I left all the angst and drama and went somewhere where I didn't have an internet connection or phone coverage. There's something brilliant about leaving the city for a week or two. The New Zealand summer is amazing, and I had a brilliant, brilliant time with The Sandwich + crew. We all went camping, see. Up at Goat Island, which is a Marine Reserve. After The Square left, I went up to Omaha to stay with family.

Basically, I went here:

I won't go into all the crazy and amazing things we did, but a quick run down of the highlights:

  • * Baking in the sun, on the beach
  • * Beach cricket, and hacky and snorkling!
  • * Hiring a glass bottom kayak and seeing nothing, and handing it off to The Third and Fourth Quarters who see a sting ray straight away!
  • * Sitting round the campfire on New Years drinking cocktails, and roasting marshmallows
  • * Hanging out in camp, reading, gossiping, jamming on the guitar.
  • * Team Win's epic meals! Cooking on the camp stoves outside the tent (even though kitchens were available)
  • * Riding horses on the through beach at Pakiri
  • * Eating Tuatua fritters, from the Tuatua's we dug up ourselves from the beach
  • * Reading SO MANY BOOKS! (Seriously, I got through just over 6 books in that week).
  • * Not having mobile phone reception, and on a day trip inland receiving over 30 txts to wish me a Happy New Year. So much <3!
  • * Calling Canada a few times (having to venture out on a trip to get reception), hearing about the snow (which seems really really surreal in the heat here)
  • * Pool in the rec room. The antics, and jokes and drunken tin-ass shots that were talked about for daaaays after!
  • * Hanging out with the crew that were there. There were some side dramas, but mostly it was amazing to be able to hang out that much with so many people I totally, hard out, adore.

And in picture form:

It was brilliant. Honestly, best New Years I've had in a loooong while! What did you get up to to celebrate the New Year?