Hello 2010!

I'm back! Well, I've actually been back for the last two days, and it's been a it hectic. Family catch-ups, hanging out with whats left of The Square, facing/discussing/figuring out what I feel around the friend I cut a while back. There was much gossip to be discussed, and friends to see, and sun to hang out in! I had planned to write up what I did over New Years, but last night The Third and Fourth Quarters needed some friendly support, and I happily stepped up and helped. All I needed to do, see, was be a brilliant drinking buddy. This basically means that today was an epic write off. I refused to leave the bed till 3 (having crashed out with both The Third and Fourth Quarters, though they, having much higher alcohol tolerance levels, did not have an epic hangover like I did and got up much earlier in the day) and I spent a few hours in the sun at Mission Bay, drinking vitamin waters and trying desperately to recover. This means that there was no write up, so sorry. Another time then.

But I'll tell you this: It was an AMAZING time away. Mostly, I had a view like this:

In short, it was brilliant. Fingers crossed the rest of 2010 continues like this. :)