Christmas Shopping + Secret Santa

Last week I thought I was done with my Christmas Shopping. I congratulated myself on getting things sorted early so I didn't have to wade through the chaos that lives in shopping malls. And then I realised that actually, I'd forgotten some people. They live overseas, see. And they had completely slipped my mind. I almost cried at the thought of fighting my way through stores to find something suitable. And then I thought fuck it. In the day and age that we live in, it's perfectly acceptable to shop online. And a friend of mine had recently pointed out A cute New Zealand based design store, filled with cute design and New Zealand MADE stuff!

So I poked around and with some difficulty picked a few things out (I say with difficulty, because I often forgot that I wasn't shopping for me). They arrived on my doorstep the next morning (yay for overnight couriers!) and inside, I was surprised to see not only the purchases I'd made, but a secret santa gift and a handwritten card:

Endemic World had sent me a present too! I was their Secret Santa for the day I shopped. And I was ever so chuffed. So right on for Endemic World, who are incredibly awesome. If you're looking for cute NZ-based design, check them out.

[disclaimer] This was post was not sponsored by, they don't know I've written it, and didn't pay me to write it. They sent me an unexpected secret santa gift in the mail with a handwritten card and I got excited about it. :) [/disclaimer]