Steve's Orienteering Challenge (December Challenges + November Wrap Up)

Wow, what a crazy month! More people contributed this month (yay!). I was especially stoked with the Movember photos:

(On the left is the hilarous Foo +


(check out Heidis FACE! Love it!), and on the right the gorgeous

Sleepy Jane


Movember was all about raising awareness about Prostate Cancer by growing facial hair. We didn't grow any facial hair, nor raise any funds, but I love that we all supported the people who did anyway :)

I have to say, I cheated. I did all of mine in one photo:

I had a Fake Facial in the shape of a Ginger Mo, I Jumped for Joy, and I did so near a Feathered Friend. :)

Hopefully more of you will get involved in December, it's alot of fun and so easy to do. The idea is simple. You have till the end of the month to upload three photos (just three) to the Steve’s Orienteering Challenge flickr group. That’s it. Easy, and a fun way to encourage people to get out and do something a bit random. You don't even have to upload all three challenges to participate. Just one or two is fine!

December Challenges:

1. Seasonal Silliness December is generally the month of Seasonal Awesome. Christmas, or Hanukkah or just Holiday Grandness, whatever it is you celebrate, snap a shot of you enjoying the season. Sit on Santa's lap, wrap yourself in tinsel or cover yourself in presents. Rock the Seasonal Joy!

2. You, a Refrigerator and a Self-Portrait. In December, my refrigerator is generally filled with food. I'm pretty keen to see whats in yours. :P

3. Literary Skins Take a pen, and a quote, and some skin and combine the three. Skins and bodies are made to be written on. They are pretty like that.

Anyway, that’s it for this month! Hope your December is filled with much joy and that perhaps you’ll decide to join this month’s Steve's Orienteering Challenge! :)