Daydreaming of the Serious Kind

A couple weeks ago a friend I went to uni with mentioned he and his wife were going to Europe for a couple weeks in August. A couple days later and the word was out, and it appeared that half my social circle would be, at some point, in Europe between June to October next year. AND I WANT TO GO:

I want to float in a little boat around Venice. I want to stand under the Eiffel Tower. I want to rock out hard in London, and use the few swear words I know in Italian in Italy, and the same again in Spainish in Spain. I want to see all the things my old flatmate told me about in Prague, and I want to drink coffee in Amsterdam.

I want to see how people live in these other places we hear about ALL THE TIME. I want to see the people I know and love who have moved to these places. And I want to be part of their adventures.

I'm not exactly a rich person. I have a crippling student loan that I have been putting money diligently aside for. Money that would, just about, cover the costs of a Europe trip. I'm torn between being responsible, and putting that ridiculous amount of money towards my student loan. Or, I could go to Europe, and have all those exciting adventures before I'm too old and settled to have them.

I'm sure I'll change my mind back and forth between being responsible with my debt, or about having one of those life mind opening look-at-this-be-different experiences.

We'll see. I have a good few months to decide before I commit to anything. I'll let you know how it goes.

But fingers crossed, next year sometime I'll be in Europe!