On Trying Not To Miss The Past

This is what happens when you crash at the Kenwyn Flat. This is what happens when you discover that you've somehow magically left a bottle of cheap champagne in someone else's fridge, and you decide to drink it. All of it. And this is what happens when someone decides to take their Day 11 Movember Photo.

There was cam-whoring and robes and tweets. There was posing and examinations of noses and places where mo's would be at a pixel level on a High Def 47" tv hooked up to a laptop. There was giggles and mockage and was The Second Quarter ACTUALLY hanging out?

This is what happens when you need somewhere to go, when you don't want to be by yourself and you can't bear the thought of going back to place that holds memories of time when you were part of a two.

This is what happens when you need friends, when you need someone to care, and they do (even if it's shown by an unnecessary interrogation of your eating habits). They drink with you and laugh with you, and help the time pass.

This is what happens now. This is how you spend your weeknights. This is now your life.