Steve’s Orienteering Challenge (November)

So, I posted last month about Octobers Challenge and I have to say I have so much <3 for Lucas right now for saving me from being the only one participating in this challenge last month! And for serious, aren't his photos awesome?

That's Lucas being awesome, and rocking the challenges. He got up close and personal with something furry (SAVING that cute kitten (Baby Tuna) that was too weak to stand when he found it), being all educational and awesome (by signing the peace one day flag in Miri Malaysia! For serious, this is how he rolls), and the last being super helpful as an easel. An EASEL.

And right now Lucas is going 'WTF, why I on Elly's blog?!' It's because your awesome, Lucas. :P

And you make me kinda hopeful. Perhaps this month someone else will join us. Maybe there will be three or four of us. Are you keen to join?

The idea is simple. You have till the end of the month to upload three photos (just three) to the Steve’s Orienteering Challenge flickr group. That's it. Easy, and a fun way to encourage people to get out and do something a bit random.

The Challenges this month:

1. Fake Facials For those of you that don't know, this month is Movember - the month where boys grow moustaches and the girls get pash rash for the sake of raising awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer.

So, take a photo of yourself with a fake mo! (This could be as simple as drawing a mo on your finger, or printing out a beard. Or you could go to the extreme and glue hair to your face. I'm just sayin'.)

2. Jump For Joy Be airborne. Or rather, not on the ground, not on a chair, and not swinging from anything. Just jump for joy. In the air! :)

3. Feathered Flock Find some feathered friends, and just go hang. You might want to bribe them with bread, but that's totally up to you! Bonus points for the most birds in one photo!

Easy as, right? Everyone knows where to find ducks. Or chickens. Or other lovely feathered somethings :)

Anyway, that's it for this month! Hope your November is wonderful, and that perhaps you'll decide to join this month's Orienteering Challenge! :)