Oh Geekdom, how I

Every person loves feeling like they are a little bit special. A little bit with the in-crowd, a little bit special. And as much as I say I go to these things because my best friend is in town and time with her is pretty rare (both true, so don't discount it), we both know its a tiny bit because we like to squee that we met so and so, or whatever. For the last four years, Liz has taken me to Armageddon. And every year, thanks to her connections with The Hub Productions we get in free, with fancy 'Exhibitor' badges. We usually attend the formal cocktail evening with the stars (something fans pay a ridiculous amount of money for), and sometimes we'll have dinner with the stars + crew that The Hub bring to NZ.

(The line we didn't wait in)

We'll rock the expo, getting autographs and photos and whatever. We'll visit talks, and check out stalls and hang out with The Hub's whoever. Liz knows enough of the people who work the con to be down with the crew, and we'll chat and hangout and generally have an awesome time.

Now, usually, I don't know who the stars are. I might vaguely recognise them, but they aren't usually from my shows. Or are people that I'd squee about meeting in advance. Not to say that I haven't met some awesome people. I've met John Rhys-Davies (who wanted Liz and I to join a space-program thing to populate Mars). I met Tom Lenk (one of the nerds from Buffy) and Ernie Hudson (From Ghostbusters). I've met Kevin Weisman (aka Marshell from Alias) and Michael Winslow (who was the sound effect cop from Police Academy). All incredibly cool people, who have been so, so lovely. Tom Lenk was super into snowboarding, and Kevin Weisman introduced us to his baby daughter, and Michael Winslow took to saying my name in high pitched squeaky tone, and pretending it wasn't him when I turned around. He was pretty awesome :)

Then there are some people I've met, and I actually don't know who they are:

This is Bronson Pelletier, whose going to play a wolf in New Moon. And the other guy? I actually had to ask Liz for his name. He's Jason Momoa. And I had to look up on imdb to find out he plays a human alien on Stargate Atlantis.

But this year? Oh, how excited I was this year. This year I met Seth Green.


If you don't know who he is: educate yourself. Think Dr Evil's son (Austin Powers) or voice of Chris on Family Guy. He was in the movie Without A Paddle (as the doctor guy who hooked up with the chick who did random things with her feet), and was Lyle in the Italian Job. And he's the Creator of Robot Chicken! In short: all kinds of awesome is who he is. :P

I was beyond excited. I sat next to him at the cocktail party, and we chatted and oh! He's so little and has stumpy little fingers, and smells soooo good. I was a total fan, excited to be in his presence, and that was enough for me.

For him, I get that he was turning it on for us. That for that night it was his job to meet us and make us feel all excited and whatever. That even though he was shattered (having had a conversation with his agent about all the promotional stuff he'd had to do earlier) he turned on his 'fan' face and made all of us fall in love with him.

Realising this (and seeing him turn himself on and off) only detracted slightly from the deal. Like I said, I'm a fan. And while usually I get to see the stars in a not-fan capacity, I couldn't do it in this case. Because seriously? This was SETH GREEN.

How do you not love him?

Anyway, Armageddon this year was possibly the last year I'll go. Liz is maybe bound for far away shores, and if that's the case then it'll be the last Armageddon she'll do, and by proxy, me too. So we took in our last possible day at Armageddon in style.

We tried on hats, and watched talks, met people (like the Drake, the author of the comic Ninjet, check him out, for serious: ninjet.com. I thought he was pretty awesome) and wandered around the chaos that was Armageddon.

It was a good expo, this year. Yay, Geekdom! :)