The 365 Project - October

I was going to post yesterday, but I didn't. Things are still up and down with me, I'm not sure what I'm doing, or what I want and I'm pretty sure I should know these things. I'm struggling with the idea that it's okay to not know what I'm doing, or what I want. And I'm still rocking the distractions like it's no ones business. Like, the 365 project I started last month. I made it all the way through October. It's been pretty easy, but I was surprised at how some days I just could. not. be. fucked. I pushed through, and I'm still taking a daily photo, but I was surprised at how some days I was happy with a two second 'just take the damn photo of something, ANYTHING' shot, and other days I'd take 200 shots of my tongue, looking for the PERFECT photo to post. Yeah, things are bit odd for me right now.

Anyway, because I'm stoked I've got this far. This is my October:

October 6th to the 31st. 26 days down. 339 to go. :)