Two of my best friends are due home on Friday afternoon. And I am ridiculously excited that not only are we going to be in the SAME COUNTRY, in the SAME CITY, bit LIZ IS BRINGING ME SETH GREEN IN A BOW FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Okay, she's not really. She's providing me a ticket to the cocktail party so I can be in the same room as Seth Green. And can pretend haughtily that I don't care while I squee like a little girl on the inside.

It's going to be grand! And that's only Friday night. I plan to be in their company on the Saturday, and the Sunday and probably the Monday too.

There will be beaching, and drinking and gossiping and a ridiculous amount of squeeage while I go "ZOMG WE ARE IN THE SAME PLACE!"

I'm a bit excited, is all.

We talk often enough during the day, and we can pass hours and hours and hours skyping . . .

It's just, that on Friday? I get to be in the same place as my best friend. The person who started a business with me, and talks me through my fears and squee's over the same tv/books/music I do, and when we shop together?

The last time we shopped together I had a hairband in my hand, one that I was almost positive was too pretty for me and that I should put it back. Liz saw it across the store, and her face immediately said that if I had one, she wanted one too. So much so that she told her husband that she wanted one, and he talked her out of it.

But that she thought it was cute and wanted one? Best shopping moment ever.

Just one of the many reasons I love her. And on Friday? WE GET TO BE IN THE SAME COUNTRY!

I'm so excited! :)