The Winter Garden

Over the weekend JB and I took a walk around the domain with Quinn, and with our fancy SLR's (of which I'm still stoked that Siblings boyfriend let me use his old one) and started snapping some shots. The idea was that he'd be able to show me how to use this brilliant piece of equipment with all of its brilliant buttons, but instead we ended up walking around, with our hangovers, taking random photos. Some where hilarious (and to save some of my dignity are not shown here. You don't need to see me pulling a funny pose in front of a fountain with a clever perspective), others where just pretty. I'd forgotten how nice it was just to walk, and talk and snap.

We lasted until the skies opened and I got a phone call that meant dashing off into the day. All in all, I got some good shots, I think. It was a pretty wonderful day for wandering around and smelling the flowers as we went.