Steve’s Orientation Challenge (October)

I posted a while back about Steve’s Orientation Challenge, and I got a few nibbles. I know @Luc_is_Live was keen, and I think The Third + Fourth Quarters were keen too (there may or may not have been some persuasion, but keen is keen!). The idea is that once a month you get three itty bitty photo challenges. Something to encourage not being on facebook, a reason to get outside and be a little random.

This months challenges are quite easy:

1. Furry Love - Get a photo of yourself getting all up close and personal with a fuzzy mammal.

Me and Quinn, much puppy love going on :)

2. Spreading the Love - Do something nice for someone else, spread the love this October!

This guy knocked on my car window at the gas station, asking if I had any spare change because he'd run out of gas down the road unexpectedly. I kindly put $10 into his little gas canister.

Yay for being nice!

3. Educational Imitation - Visit a place of educational amusement (ie your local library, zoo or museum) and imitate an item, animal, person, art or exhibit.

Found this with The Fourth Quarter while were randomly driving out and about, on our way to dinner. It seemed like as good as any to imitate :)

Fun, right? If you're interested in taking part, it's pretty easy to do. Join the Steve’s Orientation Challenge Flickr Group, and upload your photos! Easy as pie. :)

Note: There is much personal venting going on, right now: another protected post went up today. The password is the same as the others. If you don't have it, or would like it DM me on twitter, send me an email or leave a comment, and I’ll email the password out.