Buttercups and Electric Shocks

I didn't realise that I worked so close to the edge of the city. Sometimes on my lunch breaks I drive around randomly, and today, a mere 10 minutes away from work I found a ridiculous amount of fields. Fields filled with buttercups, it honestly looked like yellow carpet.

So I pulled over near one, and jumped the fence to get a closer look. And for a while I stood, knee deep in buttercups. All fresh and sweet smelling. The sun came out for a bit, and I managed a quick catnap. It was pretty lovely. It really was.

Right up until I tried to leave.

What I hadn't noticed when I jumped in was an inside wire around the fence. I tried to use it to keep my balance while I attempted to climb over a post. Instead of being nimble, there was a loud BANG, and I fell off.

I had electrocuted myself.

I flapped around in shock for a bit and my arm felt a bit weird, but after a minute or two of freaking out I was fine.

Apart from getting out of that field.

The electric wire was at my chest height, because the fence was built on a little ridge. There was no way I was going to be able to climb the fence without touching the wire.

I walked down the length of the fence, and noticed a herd of cows. I hadn't realised that there were cows, in my field, either. And then a red dusty ute turned off the main road, and down the gravel drive, and stopped where I was standing.

An old old man wearing a floppy fishing hat and a grin got out and laughed at me. He asked if I'd gotten myself stuck, and I explained that I'd wanted to see the buttercups up close and had jumped the fence and that yes, I was stuck. He laughed, a rich, delighted laugh. He told me he didn't like the buttercups much, and pointed me down the end of the field where the ridge wasn't so high.

He draped a towel over the wire, and helped me clamber over. He held my hand for a moment, and we grinned at each other. I was ridiculously relieved that I was now not stuck in a field, and he, well, I think he was just the kind of man who liked to smile.

We walked over to his truck, and he showed me the basket of grapefruit he had sitting on the front seat. He offered one to me, and I took it. It smelt of the earth, and the sharp tangy smell of fresh fruit.

He walked me back to my car, and I watched him drive his dusty red ute down the drive.

And I drove back to the office, thinking that that lunch hour was an adventure that was much better than sitting at my desk.

:) Yay for random adventures!