Self-indulgent Weekends

Sunday nights are my designated hang out night. A night in which to do nothing but watch my shows all comfy like. Usually it involves some form of sugary goodness, a pretty coloured alcoholic something, and hanging out in duvets with my dog and being generally self indulgent. And oh! The shows I watch! New episodes of Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice. Of Dollhouse, and Fringe, Gossip Girl, and Rob Dyrdeks Fantasty Factory. This week also included The end of Pixar's Up, 500 Days of Summer, and The Ugly Truth.

That is an awful lot of media to self indulge in.

In truth this whole weekend has been filled with self indulgent goodness. With fancy breakfasts at Cafe's in Parnell. With sleeping in, and then taking naps in the afternoon. With movie watching till the early mornings and lazing about reading back issues of the listner in the sun. There was the dunking of chocolate Oreo's into chocolate milk, and cakes from a fancy cafe, and if I hadn't played a game of netball on Sunday afternoon, it would have been an epic weekend of devine nothingness.

It was a good weekend. A brilliant weekend. But all good and brilliant things must come to an end, I guess. But with the end of something, something else this way comes. For example, the other half of The Square returns from Taiwan today. I'm quite excited about seeing them again.

There was much too much gingerbread men eating going on while they were gone.