Attitudes + 365

This is what I looked like early this morning, as I was standing outside waiting for my dog to do his thing. It's the third shot of my 365 project, which is something I've wanted to do for ages but always found reasons to put off. Things like "I've only got a point and click" or "I'm too busy" or "A photo everyday? I'll never do it"

But then Sibling's boyfriend let me borrow his old SLR (a pretty sweet Canon 350D) and with things being all messed up lately I've decided to take on a new attitude.

The kind where I stop making excuses and actually commit myself to something. The kind where I act on fun impulses and do the spontaneous. The kind where for now? I do what I want to do.

So, no more excuses. I decided to stop just thinking about it, and do it. And I like the 365 project. There are lots of different versions of it out there, but I joined the 365days flickr group.

The idea is that you take one self-portrait a day, with the intention of improving your photo taking skills. You work with the same subject everyday (yourself, so you can't moan about not having a subject, and it also provides some consistency) and actually? Taking on photo a day isn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

I do worry about the days where there isn't a machine with an Internet connection handy, but let's be honest. Those days a few and far between (me and the Internet are tight, see).

So yes. I'm doing a 365 day project. Fingers crossed I can get to day 365. :)

Are any of you rocking a 365 project?