Birthday Riding + Mayhem + Moving On

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend. Not in the way I had expected to spend it but instead making fresh tracks, enjoying the bluebird day riding easy. There was a party at 1600 feet above sea level, with two dozen almost strangers, lots of rum, snow outside and a ridiculous amount of mayhem. There was holes punched in walls, which I didn't do but because of the circumstances I was teased mercilessly. As far as birthday presents go it was a little unexpected.

But it's kind of nice to be wanted, so I'm not going to go into the drama of it all. Shit happens, I guess. It was a good night and passed in a mostly happy daze of drunken dancing, random conversations with almost strangers and standing too close to the fireplace.

I took the camera down, so expect a snow video at some point, with much mayhem. With boys covered in glad wrap and girls who pull many many rubber gloves out of cleavage. With drunk conversations that out of context are quite hilarious, and arm wrestling and stupid drunk competitions where you lift coins up with straws.

There was also much mayhem. Making out behind closed doors, and people sneaking off, or not sneaking off. Some of it was successful, some of it wasn't.

In other news:

I get I've been away for a while. Today marks a month of MIA-ness, tears and "fuck you world"s. And even though things still suck, and I'm still grasping at straws and making out with random boys in badly lit corners I'm doing the best I can to move forward. Even if I'm moving forward badly.

So, expect more blog comments, and more tweets, and a return to regular posting. I started a 365 project today, have a few sites to work on (and make money from) and moved my hosting away from The Boy and towards the awesome CATBytes (seriously, Jesse is awesome. If you need hosting, he's the way to go).

I'm moving forward. Even if I still hurt, and it still sucks. Sigh.