Mad Snow Trips, Bad Quality Video and an After Effects Bitch

I wanted to post this on Wednesday, but since Wednesday I've been fighting with After Effects something horrid. I've never used it before, but figured if I could use Photoshop reasonably well then pfft, using AE with a single specific, basic objective I should be able to work it out.

Soooo not the case. Using AE was a struggle. I was constantly fighting with it to get it to do what I wanted. And when it came time to publish? Aaaack. I've been ready to publish something that looks like a video clip since Wednesday afternoon. The first few times I got no sound. Then I got sound, but inverse colours. And when I finally did get something with the right colours, the right sound, in the right order? It was 2GB's. Waaay to big to publish it anywhere.

The worst part was that all of this comes down to my lack of knowledge around video compression. Around movie making at all. In then end, it became such a frustrating drama that this post? This post was meant to be about the SNOW. It's not. It's about my drama with After Effects.

Mostly. On the 28th of August, The Boy, The Fourth Quarter, The Fourth Quarters flatmate Nut and I did a one day snow trip. A ONE DAY snow trip. Which is EPIC. We got up at 3 in the morning for the 4 hour drive down (which is why we had two drivers, they switched back and fourth so the other had a chance to sleep) rode ALL DAY and then drove the four hour drive back so Nut could go to her ball, and The Fourth Quarter his concert.

It. Was. Madness.

But also awesome, the wind died down, the snow was soft and blue skies appeared in the afternoon. We picked the right day, because they got storm weather on the Sunday, and it swept right on till mid last week.

We also managed to forget our awesome VADO camera, and because I was determined to get some decent footage for a snow video of some sorts, I used my point and click to take video footage. It was actually good quality. The video? Not so good quality. I couldn't figure out how to compress it nicely, and after two days of trying, I said 'fuck it'. So, here is what I have:

The Mad Snow Dash


Elly Rarg




Promise to wrangle the next video project into something that's better quality. I'll figure out it at some point.