Sibling Love

The thing with Siblings is that sometimes you love them, and you'd do anything in the world for them. And sometimes you really just want them to go away and stop being such dick heads. Sibling and I generally hang out in between the two extremes. I read her uni essays, and drive her to work. She makes dinner and takes Quinn for walks in the rain so I don't have to. We bitch about our parents, and our friends and our jobs, and its cool, because we GET each other. It's a good sibling relationship, I think.

But sometimes Sibling goes over and above what I expect her to. Last weekend she let me borrow her brand spanking new Nike Dunks. Her brand fucking new, cost $250+, shit hot shoes. And they are AWESOME!

There's something brilliant about wearing shows with hot neon pink accents. That are made from an odd material, and are ridiculously expensive and super comfortable.

Add that to her taking Quinn to her boyfriends so I could go spend an afternoon sitting on the porch with The Fourth Quarter, in the sun, and enjoy a brilliant Saturday afternoon?

And she is propelled from the middle of the scale to ALL OUT BEST SIBLING EVER. Because seriously? THAT is how awesome these shoes were!