Mime Percussion (More Awesome Than It Sounds)

On Sunday The Square + Posse went to a show done by Rhythm Interactive: Actions Speak Louder Than Words and it was BRILLIANT! Each person in the audience got a Bongo drum, and through Mime they got us drumming awesome beats, laughing (seriously, some people were in hysterics!) and it was pretty cool to see everyone get involved.

The main conductor guy was brilliant, really really brilliant. His facial expressions were amazing and his ability to communicate WITHOUT WORDS was just astounding. He had us laughing in our seats, not because he was a clown or anything, but because of his (mock) disappointment when someone missed a beat, or his amusement when someone couldn't follow instructions, or amazement when someone was overly enthusiastic, or the joy when we finally GOT what he was asking us to do.

And there were so many great moments. The master conductor man split the audience into three, and we were all drumming our different beats, and with the pros in the back doing their thing, it was really amazing to be a part of. And there was one moment when the back up drummers were doing their awesome back up beats, and the audience was going hard and at the end of one run we all stopped at the same time! I'm talking around one hundred and fifty people being completely in sync. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PEOPLE stopping on the SAME beat - it was really, really amazing.

I have to say that interactive shows are the best, I had a brilliant, brilliant time, and it was totally worth the ticket price. I did wish that there was more drumming - both with the audience, but also to hear the professionals do their thing. It was really amazing to hear them play, I wish we could have heard more.

They are doing a few more shows, so if you're in Auckland, seriously? Check them out!

[edit] They were on the Good Morning Show the other day, if you wanted a sneak peek. Though just quietly? Way more awesome live, than watching them on the GMS. [/edit]