Fitness Levels + Taking on Bikram Yoga

I've been on a bit of a fitness kick over the couple of weeks. I started going for runs (though, lets be honest, I hate running so that didn't work out so well). I started going to Pilates with Sibling (it's easier to make yourself go if your accountable to someone else), and then there was still the netball and walks with Quinn. I thought I was doing okay.

That was, until we didn't have a netball game for three weeks, and then Sibling cancelled pilates in favour of uni work, and it was storm weather so I couldn't take Quinn out . . .

Needless to say last week I felt a bit like a lump.

(Pilates Toes and my Water Stash)

So this week, I stocked up on water at work, so I'd drink more of it. I started bringing in healthy lunches. And since the weather has been better, there has been lunch-break walks, and a run with The Third Quarter (who is brilliant, and is the kind of person who pushes you to run further and up hills, even though you're sure your body isn't going to be able to do it), a netball game and I tried BIKRAM YOGA.

Bikram Yoga is HARD. You run through 26 poses which stretch, and hurt and pull your muscles into really odd positions (and if your me shake like jelly while you try to hold still). And what's more? You spend the hour and a half session in a 40oC sauna. A room with heaters. That smells like SWEAT. Because while your in there? Your sweat like CRAZY. So much so that you need a towel down on your yoga mat. And it's pretty weird, trying to hold a pose where you attempt to touch your toes with your forehead and you can see the sweat BEADING on your ankles.

I was completely unprepared. I felt nauseous (apparently normal for beginners) and dizzy (also apparently normal for beginners) and I spent the time between poses chanting "don't vomit, don't vomit".

And then? The class finished. And I walked out into the cold air and I felt BRILLIANT! My muscles felt good, I felt liked I'd actually done some decent exercise, and I was pretty high from sweating that much. I felt a little like jelly, but in a good way. I slept ridiculously well, and this morning? Still slightly sore, but still pretty brilliant, actually.

Apparently, this is because doing yoga in a ridiculously hot sauna affects your blood circulation, and because of it infections, bacteria and toxins are released out through your sweat, making you feel pretty damn awesome.

On the advice of the Yoga Man (think skinny hippy guy covered in tattoos, American accent, who is both able to amuse and push your limits at the same time) I'm going to go back this afternoon. The more often you do it, the easier it is for your body to acclimatise and you'll get more out of it the next time you go. I'm hoping this means feeling less nacreous and dizzy, because really? That was the only downside.

This week I'm feeling much better about my fitness levels. Let's hope this trend continues!