Appreciating the Old Quirky Things

I once dated a a boy who taught me to value the OLD things. Things that were broken, or dusty. Old notebooks that things had been split on, and the corners were all dog eared. Old things that had charm. It was quite a shock to Miss Materialistic Me who only liked things if they were new and shiny.

This boy that I dated once said that his dream car would be one of those cars that was old, and it'd break down on the motorway, and it'd kick it and the hubcap would fall off. At the time I was thinking more along the lines of a Porshe, or a Lamborghini. But whatever, each to their own.

Anyway, it occurred to me the other day that The Fourth Quarters car was quite old. It's an old Ford Laser, like a REALLY old Ford Laser. It didn't have power steering, or electric windows. The paint on the outside is peeling a little in places, and the radio knobs are broken and it has that old car smell. And one of the seatbelt clip things was missing it's case (which The Fourth Quarter assures me was temporarily damaged and has since been fixed. Just in case your cop who wants to have words because having no cases on your seatbelt clasps is illegal).

And I totally saw it's charm. While I was grateful that it didn't break down on the motorway (one of it's perks is that it's actually QUITE reliable) it did remind me of a time when it would have taken a fair amount of bribery to get me in such a car. And I'm glad times change, and that I did discover the charm of old, run down, quirky things.

Just quietly though, I'd still prefer the Lamborghini. :)