Cirque Du Solei - Dralion

When they were here, Stevie and I went to go see Dralion. And, as usual, it was pretty amazing. But I don't think I've attended a circus that hasn't been. It's a bit hard not to be amazed when you're led into an enormous high-top tent, when your laughing with the clowns and being impressed by the acts. Dralion, as far as I could tell was about the elements (Air, Water, Earth + Fire) finding a balance with themselves, and with the spirits of people. There was alot of clever dancing, but oh, the acts!

There were trapeze artists (which made me gasp a little, I'm not a fan of falling and these girls were being swung and dropped and caught at crazy crazy heights) and amazing aerial dances with the ribbons of cloth (which actually was big on the innuendo, which was a little off putting) and trampoline acrobats that scaled walls and flipped and did their piece with SUCH precision (if one of them had mistimed their jumps there could have been some horrible accidents).

There were girls who stood on ballet points on lightbulbs, and balanced on top of on another, and oh! There was this one girl, who held herself up on one arm and contorted herself into amazing forms (though, she did somethings that people should not be able to do. There is no situation that would require you to fold your legs up behind your back so you can rest your feet underneath your chin - watching her do that made me ever so slightly uncomfortable). There were jugglers, and the clowns which spoke italian, I think (I could be horribly wrong) which were hilarious!

My favourite acts though, were the acrobats under the fire lords reign. Their acts were always fast paced, with alot of energy and oh! For the second act they brought out these fantastic and HUGE drums, which were AMAZING! They jumped through copper hoops, jumping through together and on top of each other and over and under and oh! The pace was so quick it really was amazing. Another act that I really enjoyed was with the acrobats that had what must have been 5 metre high poles! They did some fancy acrobatic things on the ground, flips and rolls and whatnot and their poles always stayed upright, and contributed to the beat. It was a really amazing act, and their precision and synchronization was really brilliant!

I had a really really great night, and if Dralion is coming to a town near you, you should definitely take the opportunity to go and see it. The tickets were a little expensive, but SO worth it! It really was amazing, and I don't know about other places, but Circus's don't visit Auckland that often. And it really was brilliant. :)