Korean Pancake

In the middle of town there is this small little stall on a street corner that does THE BEST PANCAKES EVER. They are so fantastic, that The Square made two visits in as many days. Oh, I wish I worked in town again, there would be much pancake eating.

It's hard to say what makes them fantastic, really. It could be that you can choose what goes inside the pancake (yes they come with FILLINGS!). I voted cheese the last two times, but The Third Quarter was keen on the cinnamon syrup one. It could be that the dough is left to rise a bit before being made into a pancake (which means it's a bit more puffy than those ones you make at home). It could be that it's made by two asian guys in paper sailor hats, or that it's so typically asian it's almost quaint. It could be that you can get a giant pancake, easily as filling as a meal, for $2.50.

And it's not just us that thinks this little pancake stall is fantastic. When we were driving past on Friday Night The Fourth Quarter said they were closed, and then, "Oh wait, it's just that THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE OUTSIDE I COULDN'T SEE THE LIGHTS."

I think it really is a testament to it's awesomeness that a bunch of people are willing to stand out in the cold on the street to wait for fancy pancakes to be made for them. You get them in a brown paper bag, fresh off the grill. They are usually too hot to eat straight away, I managed to burn my tongue trying to eat the first one, but my god is it worth it. Delicious goodness indeed!

Oh Korean Pancake, you are brilliant. Two Thumbs Up!