Hospitals Are Horrible Horrible Places

Well, mostly horrible, anyway. I spent half of my long weekend in Ward 97 of Auckland Hospital. Before you panic, I was fine. They put a drip in my arm and administered potent antibiotics every 8 hours, and took my temperature every 4 hours. I felt a bit ill and when I went to see my doctor for what was meant to be a routine check (!) and I had a temperature over 28.5 and my doctor panicked a bit, and so off I went with what was supposedly a post-op infection.


The main problem was not the food, nor being interrupted or woken every few hours. It was not having to listen to the girl across the way weep because she was in so much pain after her surgery (something I'm grateful I didn't have to have), nor was it being poked or prodded by needles that spilt my blood all over the bed like a fountain (see the fake-cheerful photo for the post 'where'd all my blood just go?' experience, above), or getting bruises because the blood pressure machine thought my arm was smaller than it was. The WORST part about spending my weekend in hospital was the sheer boredom. And I'd even come prepared.

I watched the new episodes of this weeks shows multiple times, and played the ALL games my laptop had to offer (which includes World of Goo and Civilisation: Beyond the Sword - games which passed many hours). I read the magazines on hand, wandered the halls when I thought I could get away with it, and spent a long time playing with the hydraulic bed. But after a while that gets old. Really really old.

Lucky I had my own personal superhero. The Boy came and suffered in boredom with me. And when he wasn't around, The Fourth Quarter was. Without them, my stay would have been UNBEARABLE. So, on your next stay at hospital, forget your ipod and laptop, pack your PEOPLE! Perhaps I should publicly, to The Boy and The Fourth Quarter <3! Love you guys!