Because Thats How We SHOULD Roll

Consolidated Skateboards is all about Love. Loving your local skate shop, loving the skate industry and promoting the 'damn the man' attitude that comes with rocking your own style in your own way. It's all about giving power to the little man. And it looks like they are jumping the battle into the snow industry just as Nike are dropping in on the scene.


As Hyperbeast said "Core snowboard brand, Rome SDS [Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate], has teamed up with Consolidated Skateboards to create a premium boot with a subversive agenda. Though the approach is playful, the issue is not to be taken lightly. Consolidated Skateboards first launched the Don’t Do It Army in 1997 to keep big sporting goods brands out of the skateboard industry, and now, together with Rome SDS, they are bringing the campaign into the snowboard arena. Taking Rome’s popular Libertine silhouette and incorporating their signature Banana logo, Don’t Do It slogan, and Drunk namesake, Consolidated looks to stir up a conversation about the big sporting goods company who recently made their debut in the snowboard scene."


In truth, I think the boots are pretty sick, and I love that it's in keeping with snowboarding's history, and true rocking style.


As they said on the inside tag:

"We could argue all day long about where snowboarding came from: skateboarding, surfing or even skiing. But there's one thing we all know: Snowboarding sure as hell didn't come from baseball, basketball, football, jogging or golf. So if you let a jock ball-sport company just waltz in and take over this industry because they've got the big bucks, you're helping to destroy its soul. If your favorite company gets brought out by some suit-and-tie who has never even stood on a board of any kind, and you're still thinking about buying their products . . .


Don't destroy snowboarding's soul, hey. Avoid the Nike bandwagon. The industry has enough of that crap already.