Fire, Fire Everywhere ...

Last week I faithfully accompanied The Square along to one of those random things that crop up. That week, it was fire play. With actual fire.

We went into one of the many inner city parks, where the slinky sounds of shapeshifter were rocking, and in the midst of a circle of rocks, people were playing with fire. Fire Staffs, Fire Poi, Fire Juggling Sticks, even a Fire Hula Hoop - it was pretty impressive.


I got to twirl the Third Quarters flaming staff, and a guy tried to teach me fire poi (without the flames, which is lucky cause I hit myself with them more than once).


Photographic proof that I twirled, and twirled, and twirled.

I was impressed with the atmosphere - everyone was there to have a good time, some people were rocking out with musical instruments (the Third Quarter brought her didjereedoo, which was a huge hit) and everyone was happy for everyone else to have a go. Multiple people tried to teach me how to be coordinated, which was extremely nice of them. It had a slightly hippy feel to it, but as the smell of weed wafted through the park I figured it was just another added bonus to the atmosphere. After all, you don't often find the straight and narrow housewives twirling fire poi's around, now do you?


This is JB, the fire twirling master extraordinaire, the Third Quarter, and me. Despite reeking of kerosene, and shivering in the cold, it was a completely awesome night :)