Kiwi's Cheering on Kiwi's

Perhaps it's just that we're so small a country, but it appears that Kiwi's often get behind something (be it brands, sounds, or movies) simply because its Kiwi made - we're happy to cheer for one of our own pushing the bar.

Which is why I was stoked to see Tiki Tane rocking an Illicit hoodie on one of the Antiform vids, I happen to adore Illicit/Misery and own several awesome hoodies myself. When I got to the comments, though, I cracked up. There is always one who wants to disagree:

"i think hed look alot better without those hoody on -.- the song is prtety hilarious & awesome :-) 5/5 coz its a kiwi song :-)"

"GlossyiceIris.... HUH....? i love that hoodie dude, its an illict hoodie. Weird.

(At this point, anyone who ever frequents youTube Tiki Tane Videos would know that 'tikidub' is infact, the awesome Tiki Tane.)

"does it look like i care what you think? hehe not to be rude or anything :-) hes better off without the hoody :-) but youre entitled to your own opinion ;-)"

"Yo dude, its me TIKI.... u know tha guy in tha VIDEO.... whos wearing tha illicit hoodie..... you are weird man. Do some research dude, you just bummed yourself out.

GlossyiceIris, in my opinion, just got pwned.