Sibling <3

Sometimes there are things that are just better done with your Siblings. Last night I accidentally flooded the laundry. There was a small, cold lake of dirty washing water where I really really wished there was no small, cold lake.

Now, if I had been with anyone else other than my sister at the time, it would have been a silent, broody hour cleaning that mess up. But my sister is one of those people. She'd just had a shower, and was standing in her post-shower kimono tip-toe on a pile of sopping wet towels, mushing everything round with a mop. Not the most efficient, is my sister. After convincing her it would be better if we picked up the towels and wrung them out she was happy to do so.

After rinsing out a particularly large, still dripping towel, I saw her prepare to hoist it over her shoulder.

"Don't you DARE flop it down so it splashes"

*Sibling lobs the towel into the middle of the lake, causing small cold waves to wash over my feet*

"I just told you not to do that, dickhead!"

It was the last word that got her. Suddenly we were both in a fit of giggles, the kind where your belly aches so much from the laughter that just keeps coming. The best part was that once it died down, it was easily restarted by one of us muttering "dickhead", and we'd pause our rinsing and mopping to have another good laugh, and shake our heads and wipe the tears from our eyes.

In all honesty, I can't say I've ever enjoyed cleaning up an accidental flood so much, and it's doubtful I would have enjoyed it at all if it hadn't been for the company I was in. So yeah, sometimes there are things that are just better done with your siblings. :)