Kiwi Upcycling.

We all know that the internet is full of cool stuff. But the 'cool stuff' that I'm particularly interested in stylish, well designed 'stuff'. Especially if this stylish, well designed 'stuff' is environmentally friendly. Which is why I was stoked to come across Clever Bastards' Upcycled category in their store. To quote CB, Upcycled is taking "Old objects, materials or junk that not only find new life, but are fashioned into something of higher value. And that re-creation is of greater value to the environment too. So make a statement of style as well as one of sustainability."


And right now, I am loving the Blue Willow Tea Bangles created by Lindsay Pemberton. These vintage tea cups were rescued from the Salvation Army and 'upcycled' into cute, stylish tea-bangles.

Cute, right? Check out Clever Bastards for more trendy stuff!