Yes I Noticed, and No I Don't Care

Since Coca-Cola brought out Glaceau (famous because 50 Cent apparently owns 10% and is all gantsta on their ads) I am no longer worried about how far Coke's corporate fingers reach because now I can walk down to the diary and help myself to the rebranded Nutrient Water Rehab:


Yes, I noticed that it's been rebranded, and that really its EXACTLY the same thing as Vitamin Water:


And right now I care very very little about the rebranding, and am much more excited that it is now available in my locality!!

On my way back from the States a couple years back I stopped in Colorado for a week and a half to see The Second Quarter. As the altitude of Avon Creek was alot higher than I was used to, I got sick. As the cure for that is apparently 'lax out and drink lots of water' I compromised (not such a big fan of water) and drank copious copious amounts of Vitamin Waters Dragonfruit instead. I rather developed a taste for it, and continued drinking it like a fish even after I got better. I was sad that I only discovered the fantasticness of it at the END of my visit, but now it matters little. Thanks to Coca Cola I have some right now on my desk.


[edit]Turns out I was wrong, and it turns out I do care - Nutrient Water is NOT rebranded Vitamin Water. Sigh - my bad![/edit]