Facebook Status Messages + Balance Keeping + In Jokes

I have recently entered into a new circle of friends. Well, not new exactly; there are four of us, and each pair in the four are all quite GOOD friends, and have been for a while now. However, we've only recently discovered that *collectively* we all get on fabulously. We have bonded, and now refer to ourselves quite happily as 'The Square'.

As each of the pairs within The Square have different histories it has become apparent that PARTS of these histories may, er, disrupt this fantastic new arrangement. We all agreed that as such, certain things should not be done in case the balance of The Square is disrupted. The idea was that The Square's harmony is more important than the individual pairs relationships (the sum is greater than its parts and all that).

Well THAT train of thought lasted all of a week because ONE pair stepped over the line and flirted with disaster. We were lucky, though - it was shrugged off and no harm was done (The Square is apparently indestructible and oblivious to such carnage). But then three of the four committed other such dubious acts on a random night out, which resulted in facebook status messages such as 'I'm watching parts of my square spoon - it's hot!'. Luckily, purely through acceptance and contentment within The Square, The Square's harmony held out strong and all was okay.

ANYWAY, as a joke the concept of 'Free Passes' was created: The first dubious act between any one pair is given a free pass. Almost like getting it out of your system (which in some formations of the pair is almost absurd and hilariously funny). We all had a bit of a giggle about it, and then, before you know it, all our Facebook Status's changed throughout the day:

The Second Quarter is contemplating his remaining free passes.
The First Quarter is also contemplating The Second Quarter's use of his remaining free passes.
The Fourth Quarter; there are no more free passes.
The Third Quarter suggests that the passes not be free.. they be EARNT.
The First Quarter says no no, they must be free. The Second Quarter and I already used ours . . . and if they aren't free, then, well, I want to give my free pass back!
The Second Quarter says no no they're free as in you get off scot-free
The Fourth Quarter; free passes can be cashed collectively.
The First Quarter would like to cash in her remaining free passes

Facebook Status Messages and in jokes: Providing The Squares entertainment all day long.