Greatest #1 Fan 4Eva!


Last night I went out to Ponsonby's The Crib to hear a good friend play in what was jokingly referred to as 'The Chris Reed Show'. It was fantastic to see him, and hear him play.

Chris is going to New York next week, to record his first single (one I'm glad to say I already know all the words to!) that's due for release hopefully at the end of this year. Drinking to that, and being so so proud of where he is, and where he is going is just one of those reminders of how far we've come.

I've known Chris since we were 17, we studied for Bursary together and he used to come around and rock out in the living room of my parents house. Around that time he made me his first album: a mixed-tape recorded on his dictophone, of all his songs of that time. I've heard him play through all his phases . . . he started with a 'love song' phase and he *hated* how his voice sounded, and then there was the 'punk' phase where he was in a band for a while with a pierced eyebrow and a bleached mohawk.

I think now he's found a style that suits him, casual, comfortable and confident, and its great to see.

I still have a guitar pick he signed for me tucked away in a jewellery box somewhere. When he blows up and gets ridiculously big, watch Ebay. I'm going to make a squillion off Chris, his mixed tape, guitar pick and his greatness! Hurrah!