The Way To The Bride is Through Her Bridesmaids


As Maid of Honour, I was delegated the role of finding a Wedding Photographer for The Out-of-town Bride. "No problem", I said. Ha! But as painful as scrolling through (many many MANY) portfolios, and talking to many MORE photographers was, we found one to our liking. We settled on Melissa from

As the Out-of-town Bride is actually IN town this week I set up a meeting between the photographer and the wedding party. There was much too-ing and fro-ing (also a case of "No Problem!" and then "Ha!" at my folly) before we managed to find a time suitable for everyone.

I was impressed with how the photographers dealt with us. Never did they appear frustrated, or upset at my need to change the time, or the place yet again. Or to ring back five minutes later with a new requirement

But what I was *most* impressed with was that they sent out a bottle of wine to say thank's for dealing with us. And the best bit? They didn't send it to The Out-of-town Bride, oh no. They sent it to me, The Maid of Honour. And it was titled 'To Elly: The Best Bridesmaid Ever'

Oh yes. Money shall be spent, and recommendations shared. The wine was awful, but the title of 'Best Bridesmaid Ever'? Best Marketing Ploy Ever.