There and Back Again

So I'm home from Melbourne now, and wow, what a ride! I *totally* fell in love with Melbourne and its cute litte cafes that spill out into alleyways, and its cupcake stores and dinky little boutiques, and fantastically big grand architecture . . . were it not for the water shortage (and thus short showers) and being filled with Australians that speak with overwhelming Australian accents, I'd already be there, unpacked and settled.

I had an absolutely fantastic time, and it was great to get away. There were only two Lost and Found experiences (one a rather dear bracelet, and the other my boarding pass, and both caused panic of the utmost kind).

But I lunched with The Out-of-Town Bride and Bridesmaid Number Three in cute cafes, where we drank champagne and wine with every meals and I brought several pairs of gorgeous, gorgeous shoes! It's entirely possible I spent a ridiculous amount of money, but the shoes ARE pretty, and yes I need all five pairs.

But shoes aside, it was a fantastic weekend: I saw Federation Square and its building with no right corners, I lay on the floor in the Great Hall and admired the ceiling in Melbourne's Art Gallery, I rode both the trams and the trains to get around. I tried on designer dresses (loving Linda Britten!), and did a fair amount of giggling! I admired the water/light show in the foyer of the Crown Hotel (so pretty!) and I dined in Southbank and walked the pretty bridges to get there, and successfully navigated about all by myself.

It was an absolutely *fantastic* weekend.

And now I'm home, and am still in the clouds. Hurrah!